About Us


Longrich High Flyers Consortium (Longrich HCF for short) is a group of like-minded Longrich investors who are not just contented with flying but flying exceedingly high. We are determined to ace our Longrich businesses doing the very best we can do, and then some more.

We believe no height is unsurmountable and no target is unachievable, as long as one is determined and willing to do the hard and smart work necessary. And, we are more than willing. We believe extraordinary results are not impossible; the know-how is what is needed. And, we are on a continuous quest for all the knowledge that we need.

It doesn’t matter how you are when you join us, as long as you will commit to engage with the strategies we share, you will rise in your Longrich business. We are committed to the rising of every single one of our members.

We are always open to having more like-minded individuals join us. If you are someone who is willing to  work hard and smart to achieve outstanding results, and help others while you do, then you are a candidate for the Consortium.

Give us the pleasure to welcome you aboard, Longrich High Flyers Consortium.

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