Enriching Power of Maintenance Orders
Let’s unveil one of the crucial team strategies to achieving impressive commissions in Longrich. This strategy appears so inconsequential that one may easily overlook it. Yet, it’s power to enrich cannot be underestimated.
A wise man once said an extraordinary result is not impossible, one needs only know the secret to it. As a fact, there is no height of success ever reached by anyone that, with determination, diligent and intelligent efforts cannot be duplicated by another.
This strategy is tied to monthly orders referred to as Maintenance Orders. Maintenance Orders are only 30 PVs (point values) for an account for every month. It is not compulsory but it is advisable. Just like eating or sleeping is not compulsory, but the benefits are undeniable if we do them.
This order of just 30 PV every month for every account carries with it a phenomenal income spurring power. That is, you buy Longrich products worth at least 30 PVs every month processed as a Maintenance Order.
No, this is not the usual upgrade or new account order. You indicate when you are making the order that it is a Maintenance Order for the month and it should be exactly 30 PV; it may be more, but it cannot be less. If it is more, Longrich treats the excess as a Retail Order and pays you Retail Orders Bonus on the balance.
No, the PVs will not show up on your placement tree (even though it is still counted and processed for your ranking), nor will it form part of the PVs for any of your weekly bonuses. Longrich computes the Maintenance Order separately and pays you every month: unlike many of the other bonuses paid weekly, Maintenance Order Bonus is paid monthly.
Longrich pays you 4.5% of every Maintenance Orders done by you and everyone in your Group (i.e. every of your downlines or everyone in your placement tree). In other words, Longrich pays you US$1.35 (4.5% x 30 PV), which is N405 ($1.35 x N300/$), for every Maintenance Orders done by you and every one in your team, and this is up to the last generation. Now this is only payable, if you do your own Maintenance Order for the month. If you did not do a Maintenance Order in a month, regardless of the number of people who did in your group, you will not be paid a dime. You must do your own to qualify to receive.

Let’s look at the table below to appreciate the power of Maintenance Orders.

The table shows your Group with you on the first layer and your referral from second level down to the 15th level. It also provides the PVs generated by you and your Group’s Maintenance Orders, which Longrich, of course, accrues to you. It also shows the Maintenance Orders commissions both in US$ and Nigerian Naira.
Since Longrich pays you N405 for every Maintenance order done by everyone in your team, if you have 500 people in your team you will be getting N20,250 (N405 x 500) monthly from Maintenance Orders alone. Now what if your team is up to 7 layers deep with 3,280 members who also do their Maintenance Orders, you will be getting N1,328,400 (N405 x 3,280) every single month: just for committing to a habit of doing a retail order of 30 PV monthly.
Another thing, we have not even mentioned the improvement in your ranking that will come from doing the order consistently. With 500 members in your team mentioned above, you will not only be getting N20,450 monthly, your PVs will increase by 15,000 every month. This will make you a Diamond 4 partner in one month and Diamond 5 partner in five months just from Maintenance Order PVs alone. Obviously then, this seemingly inconsequential order carries with it the power to significantly accelerate your growth progression: it clearly is one of the fastest route up in Longrich.
Now, there is nothing like getting something out of nothing. As it is obvious from the table, earning the Maintenance Orders Bonus depends on two crucial factors:
1. Every member in your team must do his or her own part of committing to doing the monthly Maintenance Order. As in most things in life, if we all do a little, a lot can be achieved, but we all must do that little! The motivation to do that little is the benefit to everyone who does, which must therefore be clearly and constantly communicated.
2. The bigger your team, the bigger the commission. This underscores the importance of building your team – the bigger your team, the exponentially bigger your Maintenance Order Bonus will be, as can be seen from the Table. For someone with 10 level deep team, for instance, who has 88,573 members, his Bonus will be N35.9 million every month, and this is just Maintenance Order Bonus alone. And having such a level of membership is not impossible. Quite a number have much more than that.
This is one of the beautiful things about the Longrich platform: nothing is impossible if you are willing to work hard and smart for it. Extraordinary level of wealth is at your finger-tips if you will reach forth to grab it. There is nothing in doing nothing, anyway. Why shouldn’t anyone strive to be the best he or she can be? Why settle for less?

The 30PV is easily achievable if you will change your brand of daily care items and consumables. Use Longrich products only, except where it is non-existent. If changing your brand is what is standing between you and your wealth, why vaccilate? Do it, and do it now.

But then, everything and the potential for earnings start only after you have opened a Longrich account for your own business. If you haven’t already, you can do so right away, right now, here.

The strategies shared in this post and many more on how to ace the Longrich Business are regularly shared with members of the Longrich High Flyers Consortium. Join Longrich Now to get more.

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