Impact Program

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The IMPACT program, a program of empowerment, is a modest attempt at lending a helping hand to the not-so-privileged members of the society. It is Longrich HFC’s attempt at giving back.

The program is a highly focused and objective-driven training program, an effective mentorship program, and a business development program all rolled into one. The program shall be provided free, at no cost to participants, but each participant will go through a selection process, after which successful ones will be placed in streams, through which the program will be carried out. There is no age limit or academic qualification required for the program. Still, participants are expected to be literate, passionate, self-starting, a can-do person, and able to learn and understand complex subjects quite fast.

Each stream of IMPACT participants will go through rigorous and high-quality training for a small class size over a 3-day period, after which this would be followed by days of tests. The training shall focus on network marketing rudiments with emphasis on the Longrich platform. Participants will be thoroughly exposed to the Longrich platform, its compensation plan, company products, strategies, and tactics to adopt to excel in the business.

Successful participants will be expected to sign up for their Longrich business after the training and be provided with effective mentorship arrangement and hand-holding after the training to get them up to speed on their Longrich business. The top 3 participants of each stream will be offered an absolutely FREE membership, as their entry-level products will be fully paid for by Longrich HFC.

Longrich, for close to a decade now, has successfully operated in Nigeria’s business environment and currently has the construction of its $50 million research and development centers cum manufacturing base on-going presently in Lekki Free Zone, 9th in the world, actually. Testimonies abound at how many have been pulled out of poverty over the years by Longrich.


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