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Invest & Earn: Retail Orders

Longrich provides everyone unique opportunities to invest in retailing its amazing products and paying awesome commissions every month. This option has nothing to do with whether or not you have any team; you do not have to refer anyone to enjoy the benefit of this option.

This opportunity should be attractive to the following categories of people:

  •  Supermarkets, shops, and retail business owners, and
  • Anyone keen on investing (whether or not interested in referrals).
The features of this opportunity are as follows.

The Retail Order Bonus is assessed and payable to every Longrich member, every monthly cycle. It is not based on just one retail order, but the cumulative total of all the Retail Orders made during the cycle, less the compulsory Maintenance Order of 30PV.

The Bonus rates, payable a cycle after the cycle in which the orders were made, are as shown on the Table on the right. As indicated in the Table, the higher the cumulative PVs of the product purchased for the month, the higher the Retail Order Bonus payable.

Herein lies the investment opportunity presented by the Retail Order Bonus. As it is obvious, the rates are graduated, getting higher at high investment amount.

Let’s take a hypothetical investment situation.

Assuming you were to buy N1 million worth of different Longrich products, which have a total PV value of 1,800. Then the applicable rate of bonus from the Table is 41%.

The total Retail Order payable for that transaction will then be calculated as follows, after backing out the compulsory Maintenance Order of 30PV:

Retail Order Bonus = (1,800 – 30) x 41%  =  1770 x 41% = $725.70

Converting using the Longrich’s internal exchange rate of N300/$, the total bonus payable is:

Retail Order Bonus = $725.70 x 300 = N217,710

With this opportunity, you will be making over N200,000 on an investment of N1 million every month. This is a flat rate of commission of 21.8% obtained for every month. We have not even factored in the fact that the products were purchased at members’ discounted rates. When sold later, even worst-case scenario, at Longrich’s recommended retailers rate, the total returns on the investment will certainly be much higher.

We have also not considered the rank advancements you could have as a result of injecting that massive level of PVs into your account. You may even qualify for a foreign trip or car promos with well-designed series of these investments.

Now the bonus could be potentially higher. What if rather than an investment of N1 million, you were buying to restock your supermarket or have an agreement with a supermarket to supply it, and as a result, you are making a total monthly purchase of N5 million with a cumulative PV of 4,000 over the monthly cycle. Your bonus for the month will be N535,950.

If you are considering going for this investment route, we would be pleased to help you process it. You can call our phone number +2348147024697 or chat with us on WhatsApp with the number.