Longrich Partnership

Longrich Partnership

Longrich partnership or distributorship allows everyone to make money by using Longrich’s products and referring others to do the same.

In essence, Longrich pays you for:

  • Switching your brands and using Longrich’s products instead, and
  • Referring others, friends, and family members, to do the same.

As a point of fact, Longrich’s products are of such high quality and proven to be so effective that switching to it, is a no-brainer.

This opportunity is perfect for anyone who wants to own and run his or her own business, from home or anywhere.

The features of this opportunity are as follows.
Everyone signs up as a member on one of 5 levels of membership (shown on the Table on the right) by purchasing products whose cumulative PVs is at least equal to that required for the level. For instance, to sign up on the Gold level, you simply identify and purchase Longrich’s products with total PVs equal to or higher than 240.
To sign up right away, please click here.
After signing up yourself, to start growing your team, you are expected to refer the opportunity to at least 3 other people, each of who will refer 3 other people as their direct referrals as well. The process continues ad infinitum. The larger your team is the larger the potential to generate large cumulative PVs from product purchases, and by extension, the larger will be your commissions and the faster your rank advancements.
The Longrich partnership is based on a 3 x 3 matrix, where everyone has a maximum of 3 direct referrals. This, by no means limits, the number of referrals one may get. You can and should get as many referrals as possible to build your team. Every additional referral beyond the third is placed on other referrals in your team, whose 3 legs are not filled yet.
Though, the highest membership level, Platinum VIP, is the most beneficial to join through, but you can join at any desired level and upgrade later through product purchases to make up the PV’s required for any desired level.
You never lose your PVs. All the PVs of all the products you buy as well as those bought by every single one of your referrals are permanently added to your PVs gained through your membership, and these count towards your rank advancements.