Longrich Ranking

Longrich Ranking

Ranking in Longrich refers to progression based on performance from one level to another; it  is not really the same thing as levels of membership. To be clear, you can acquire membership levels simply by buying Longrich products with PVs (PV is a short for point value, Longrich’s currency-indepedent measure of product value) commensurate with the level desired. You can also upgrade from one level to another by simply buying products whose PVs are commensurate with the PV differential between the new level and your old one.

Ranking, with the exception of the first two rungs, must be attained by growing and developing your team. Yes, you are right. It has to do with the level of cumulative group PVs you have. There is another condition that applies to each level of ranking as well, as the graphics below shows.

Ranking is crucially important in Longrich because it not only determines the nature of bonuses and incentives you get, it also determines their rates as well. Unarguably, as your rank rises in Longrich, so will your bonuses and incentives.


It is not totally out of place to state that rank progression in Longrich is almost all about PVs, which incidentally, by extension also implies a push for product sales. The more the sales of Longrich products made, the more the bonuses and incentives that can be paid: even when you develop your teams, it is to sharpen it to get more sales.

Longrich then rewards everyone who has this single-minded devotion and focus, by accelerating his or her progression. That is the way the system is designed. Anyone who wants to fly high in the Longrich business therefore must share this single-minded focus. It’s all about product sales. But, as always with team effort, together everyone achieves more. The network marketing system has proven to be one of the most effective sales system ever designed by man. So, no matter how good you are in selling, you will do much more by developing your team, rather than go solo.


This is the rank of everyone who joins Longrich below the level of Platinum and whose total Group PV (your PV and those of all your referrals) is less than 720.

Longrich allows everyone to start at whatever level is desired. You can start small; but don’t stay small. Either by your activities – getting referrals or buying products yourself – endeavour to move on to high levels.

Diamond 1

All that is required to attain this rank is to have a Group PV of at least 720. That is, you can attain to Diamond 1 rank at the entry level by buying products whose PVs sum up to at least 720 or you can progressively over time do upgrades to your account through deliberate product purchases to make up the PVs up to 720 or yet still, you can go for referrals who after they join their total PVs along with yours sum up to at least 720. Once your Group PVs get to 720, you automatically attain the rank of Diamond 1.

Please note that attaining a Group PV of 720, through group activity will not change your membership level to Platinum, even though this level requires 720 as well; you will still remain on the membership level you joined with or upgraded to. To upgrade to Platinum or Platinum VIP, as the case may be, you will need to carry out an upgrade or successive upgrades through product purchases for the differential in PVs between the membership level desired and the one you are currently on after factoring past upgrades, if any.

Diamond 2

Again, just like in Diamond 1, to attain to Diamond 2 rank, you simply need to get to a Group PV of 1,680. No other requirement need be met. Again, you can get to this PV position, by either simply joining at Platinum VIP level, which has the same PV requirement, or at any membership level and over time progressively upgrade until your total own PVs gets to this figure, or yet still get referrals and get activities (product purchase) in your group to result in a cumulative PV which gets to this figure.

Diamond 3

Now this is where the real action of the impact of developing your team starts to count.

To attain Diamond 3, you will need to fulfill two conditions. First, you need a total Group PV of 3,600, and second, two of the 3 groups formed by your 3 direct referrals must have produced a Diamond 2 each. In other words, you must have developed two of your 3 direct referrals or anyone under them to Diamond 2 rank.

Regardless of the level of Group PVs you have, if you do not have two Diamond 2 ranks on two of your referrals groups, you will remain at Diamond 2. It is this feature of Longrich platform that makes overtaking possible, and also allows everyone to grow at his or her own pace. A smart referral, who is able to develop his or her 3 legs fast enough to meet this requirement will go on to be Diamond 3, while his direct upline may remain on Diamond 2.

To ace the Longrich program is not just about working hard, you must work smart as well. As you grow your team, you must pay attention to what is happening to your 3 legs and be intentional about your strategies.

Diamond 4

To attain Diamond 4, you will need to have a Group PV of at least 15,000 as well as have two Diamond 3 referrals on at least 2 legs formed by your 3 direct referrals.

So, to get to Diamond 4, you must go further to help develop the referrals of your direct referrals so you get them to produce Diamond 2s and Diamond 3s, on the relevant legs. This is why growing in Longrich beyond Diamond 2 rank is much more a result of team effort. You can’t ignore your team and go far in  Longrich.

Diamond 5

To attain to Diamond 5 rank, you will need to have grown your Group PV to 75,000 and produce at least two Diamond 4s on two of your 3 referral legs.

Diamond 6

Attaining Diamond 6 requires you to meet a Group PV level of 225,000 and have at least two Diamond 5 on three of your 3 referral legs.

Diamond 7

Diamond 7 is the interface to the Star Director ranks. To attain this rank, you are required to have a Group PV of 450,000 and have at least a Diamond 5 on all three of your referral legs. In other words, Diamond 5 places a responsibility on you to develop that third leg which in earlier ranks, have probably not been as developed as the two other legs that have been so useful in propelling your rank advancement.

Star Director 1

To attain to the rank of Star Director 1, you will need to have a Group PV of 1.5 million, as well as have Diamond 6 on each of your 3 referral legs.

Star Director 2

This level requires that you have a Group PV of 3.75 million and have a Diamond 7 on each of your 3 referral legs.

Star Director 3

To attain the rank of Star Director 3, you must have a Group PV of 9 million and 1-Star Directors on each of your 3 referral legs.

Star Director 4

Attaining the Star Director 4 rank requires that you have a Group PV of 2o million and 2-Star Directors on each of your 3 referral legs.

Star Director 5

This is the highest rank in Longrich. To attain it you will need to have a total Group PV of 60 million and 3-Star Directors on each of your 3 referral legs.