10 Sure-fire Attitudes to Ace Your Longrich Business

Outstanding and extraordinary result in any field of human endeavours is not impossible; it only requires an understanding of the know-how. There is always a way to go and conversely a way not to go. Once one gains an understanding of the way to go, the rest becomes straightforward. This is equally as true for rocket science as it is true for our Longrich business. Frustration, therefore, is a consequence of lacking this understanding of the way to go and what to do.

One of the clear variables that can make or mar one’s path or journey to the desired goals is one’s attitudes. It was Zig Ziglar who once said, it is your attitude, more than your aptitude, that determines your altitude. That is, the height you reach and keep is much more a function of your attitude than your knowledge and skills. In other words, software trumps hardware!

Understanding how the Longrich business works, having insights into its key success factors, and mastering the craft of running it well, as crucial as these are, alone, they are not sufficient to excel in the business. To work the business to sustained profit, one must also be armed with the right attitudes. In short, attitudes matter. Good attitudes are the lubricants that oil the wheels of your activities spurring their forward motion.

Crucial attitudes to cultivate to excel with the Longrich business include the following:

You must remain positive at all times. When things work as expected and when things do not, you must continue to believe the best possible. Keep negativities away from your life. Negativities exist in the world, but nothing says they must dwell with you. You must believe you can, then you will. Refuse to see failure. Expect to do well and you will. You must see your goals achieved; you must see your dreams come to pass. If you cannot see it, you cannot experience it; nothing on earth will make you scale a height you cannot see. Most successful people know this. Regardless of circumstances they keep their hopes high; they refuse to see failure and they seldom fail; they keep their thoughts and minds riveted on exactly the future they desire. You must develop and lock into this positive mindset if you want to prosper in this business.

Identify sources of negativities in your life and around you – situations and people who pull you into negativities – and avoid them. You cannot fly high when you are strapped with clumsy baggages. Let them go.


This is so important. Be focused. Avoid distractions. Everything that is not leading to your goals in one way or the other is a distraction; it will simply sap your energy and resources, reducing what will be available to meet your goals.

Be single-minded in your resolve. Do not spread yourself too thin. Most endeavours in life are demanding, if you want to excel or make meaningful progress in them. You cannot handle too many things, at the same stage, at the same time. Getting involved with another network marketing, for instance, while still trying to make sense of the Longrich business is a recipe for disappointment and failure. Even if you can handle many things, you shouldn’t be handling many things, at once. Focus and focus. Don’t try to raise too many babies at the same time. It is an onerous and tough task trying to excel in many things at the same time, and the odds of failure is high.

Get a venture to a reasonably self-sustaining stage, or delegate it off to a competent hand if possible, before embarking on another.


Longrich business is not a get-rich quick scheme. You must work it for it to work for you. Hardwork is required. This is taken. Everyone understands the need for hardwork; what is not so obvious, but equally crucial is the need to work smart as well. To work smart means to work efficiently: you must think ahead of the results of your intended steps before you take them. It also implies you must take advantage of all opportunities that present themselves. Be committed to working hard and working smart on your Longrich business. You cannot afford wasted efforts. Be intentional; be deliberate.

For instance, to get to Diamond 3 rank requires you to recruit and build your team to have two Diamond 2s on at least two of your referral legs. If you already have one on a leg, it will not be smart to continue to add any new referral to this leg while a second leg does not have a Diamond 2. You must develop the second leg into a Diamond 2 as well, before you can make Diamond 3. Smart working mindset requires that you know the need for this switch and just at what point you need to make it.


Continuous personal development is non-negotiable if you want to grow your earnings in this industry, especially with the Longrich business. You can only go so far relying on the efforts of others. Beyond Diamond 2, efforts of those under your placement tree scarcely count for your rank progression and growth. From this rank, you must take responsibility for your growth. You must become better if you want to earn better. In other words, you will earn well in your Longrich business only to the extent you develop yourself. Depending on the knowledge of others is good, but it won’t take you far. You must commit to developing yourself, every single day. How?

  1. Read books and materials on this industry and on Longrich and her products. Read personal development books to develop yourself. Assess your strengths and weaknesses, as far as the Longrich business is concerned, and identify materials (books, video and audio clips) that will help you shore up your strengths and significantly reduce, if not totally eliminate, your weaknesses.
  2. Watch video and listen to audio clips of those who had been successful in network marketing both in Longrich and outside it. If you find  good videos and audios, watch and listen to them over and again. It is perhaps more beneficial to watch a few good video clips over and again than  to watch multiplicity of videos, half of which are useless.
  3. Look out for and attend training, seminars and group activities. These usually provide the opportunities for gems of truths about the business dropping once in a while. It is self-sabotaging to ignore the association of your team and group members. Invest in your personal training. Look and find a good training program and be ready to pay to attend it if need be.
  4. Keep helpful associations. Look for those who had succeeded in this business and associate with them. Avoid the negative people, like a leech. You don’t need anyone telling you that your dream is impossible; you don’t need anyone dissuading you from your goals. You need to hear from those who had passed the same route before and learn how they overcame what you are facing. There is nothing new under heavens. There is nothing anyone is facing now that had not been faced by someone else in the past. The secrets of men are in their stories. Look for those people physically or look for their books, audio and video clips, and learn from their stories.


In this business, as far as you can see is what you get. If you can see it, you can touch it. This is why it is so crucial to set goals.

Oftentimes, people don’t set goals because they get bogged down with trying to see the how before they set the goals. No. This shouldn’t be. Set the goals and the how the goals would be achieved will come to you. Implant the goals inside of you; see it achieved; see deep within you how your life has changed as a result of achieving the goals. Feel the emotion that comes with achieving the goals. The clearer you see it, the faster it comes into your reality.

A wise man once said, once your destination is set, God places signposts along your way to lead you to the destination. Set your goals; believe in them, feel them, see you achieve them, and the how to achieve each of them will show up.

Yes. Set monthly goals, set weekly goals and set even daily goals. How many new prospects do you want to call today? How many new partners do you want to add to your team this week? What do you want the Group PV of your account to be by the end of the week? And on and on.


The way the human mind is designed, whatever we dwell on is what will be in surplus in our lives. Whatever we dwell on, increases. You want your Longrich business to grow? Dwell on it. Spend a reasonable portion of every waking day ruminating and brainstorming on how to grow it and get it to the next level.

What do you do during concentration? Think about it. Ask yourself what more can I do to improve it?  Who else do I need to prospect? How do I get new prospects today? While you do all these, think big. Rather than brainstorm on what to do to get 5 more referrals, instead ask yourself what would you need to do to get 50 or 500 referrals? Think outside the box. Nothing is impossible, except what you accept as so. Log into your back-end portal, speak to it; declare what you would like to see. Look at your 3 referral legs. Think through what you need to change your ranks. If you were to get those referrals, where on your legs would you place them to maximise your objectives. Concentrate. It works.


An Africa proverb says that if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. And, that is so true, more especially in this business.

How far you go in this business depends on how well you build your team. Perhaps, more than in any other industry, network marketing places a lot of emphasis on developing team spirit and team efforts. In Longrich, you are a team leader and you are a member of several other teams.

You must build your team. It is your responsibility. How well you are building your team can easily be gauged by your income. If most of your income is coming from your personal purchases, then you aren’t doing well yet, because your income would be linear. Linear income is the income generated principally from your transactions. When you buy products you get bonuses, and get none when you don’t. We all start like this, but we must not remain like that. You must develop your team, so that most of your weekly income is as a result of your team’s activities. This way, your income is independent of your personal activities and it never stops, whether or not you do any transaction personally. You must develop your team to get to this point, if you want to achieve financial independence.

How do you develop your team?

1. First identify the team. This starts with you, your 3 referrals and everyone under these referral legs.
2. Develop a vision for it. This should be positive, inspiring and challenging.
3. Develop a motivating name for it, which should tie in to the team’s vision.
4. Develop it’s shared values. What sets you apart?
5. Brand it. A logo, complimentary card, website and other tools of branding should be in view.
5. Identify its members and know them, support and motivate them.
6. Develop and train your team members to know what you know. Train, train and train. A knowledgeable team is an achieving one.
7. Duplicate yourself in them so that they can achieve what you have achieved and much more. Pass on every knowledge you know.
8. Help your team members rise. Work and focus tirelessly on this; it may involve some financial sacrifice, sometimes. Don’t forget, their rising is your rising, too.


This so important. It is true that givers never lack. Choose to be a giver, because it is actually a choice. Giving is an attitude. It does not depend on what you have. You can always share out of even little, if that is what you have. Again it is a choice, but it is an attitude worth cultivating for the good of your Longrich business.

Always be armed with the commitment to help, to lend a helping hand. It is a choice and commitment we must make if we want to grow our Longrich business. You must give to your prospects. Sometimes you may need to give Longrich products to people who cannot even afford it. You must give to your team members. Help them to rise. Givers seldom lack. And, whatever you do today will show up for you tomorrow. Kindness is never lost.


These two attitudes go together, so it makes sense to treat them under the same heading. Good things take time so after you have done all, you must be patient to see the fruits of your efforts show up. Longrich business, sometimes can be likened to human pregnancy. Each pregnancy must take 9 months. Impregnating 9 women does not make each pregnancy faster. Each must take it’s time.

You must therefore have a long term focus of expectations for this business. Accordingly you must persevere. Never ever give up. If you won’t give up on the business, you cannot but win. Quitting is the only way to lose in this business. Never quit. Come rain, come shine, you must stick with it.


In this business, personal integrity is so important. Your yes, must be yes and your no, must be no. Never lie, in fact or in apperance. Whether white or black, steer clear of all lies or their appearances.

Don’t exaggerate your bonuses or what the Longrich products can do. Say things the way they are. No exaggeration. The products and the compensation plans are good and powerful enough as they are; they need not be propped up with lies. Remember, the lies you tell today, will haunt you tomorrow. If a prospect asks a question, whose answer you really don’t know. Say so, but promise to find out and get back to the prospect. It is more appropriate to do this than make spurious claims.

In the same vein, never deceive nor take advantage of anyone. This business is a long-term one. The people you deal with today, you will still deal with them tomorrow. Never give anyone an advice that you know is really for your own benefits; never encourage someone to take a step, which is a veiled effort to meet your goals. No, lay it bare. Be true; be authentic. The way we are wired as humans, we can hardly pretend to be who we are not for very long. Who we really are will show through in no time.

Culled from a session of Longrich High Flyers Consortium’s master class. Join our Longrich team now, if you really want to fly with your Longrich business.

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