Team Dynamics in Longrich

Longrich business is an individual business. Longrich business is a team business. As contradictory as both may seem, they are both correct.

True! Longrich business is both an individual business and a team business. To succeed with our Longrich business, we have to take personal responsibility. It is not incorrect to say, nothing works, until you work it. You must see it as your business, because in reality, it is.

As you work on your Longrich business, with single-minded focus, you will grow and grow rapidly. However, like an African proverb said, if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. Running with your team empowers you to achieve far more, and far more efficiently, than you would running alone. Actually, this is how Longrich business was designed to operate. You get much more done and better when you equip yourself with the team mindset.

Inherent and at the heart of a typical Longrich placement tree is the concept of teams.

How many teams can you identify in the placement tree? Three? Four? Fourteen? Actually, there are many teams partly implied and shown, but not enough information is provided to determine how many teams are shown in the tree, in all. At the very minimum, there are at least fourteen teams implied by the placement tree.

Even though the main Team is led by Longrich partner A, Partner A (along with the other partners) also belongs to lots of teams, of which we do not have enough information to determine. Each of the 3 legs of Partners A, that is Partners B, C and D, leads their own teams forming from the legs of Partner A too, while they are as well members of team A. In other words these partners are leaders of their teams, while they are members of other teams. Yet, innumerable teams can be imagined formed from the legs of Partners B, C and D.

This is the pattern of all Longrich businesses: you are a member of innumerable teams and lead your own team. You are a member of several teams, while you are a leader of your own. And leveraging on this team dynamics is one of the secret of accelerated growth in Longrich. This mindset or paradigm shift is important if one is to succeed in Longrich: you must see yourself as part of many teams, yet you must lead your own team, as well.

Belonging to many Longrich teams, you have available to you, for your growth, huge strength of the individual teams, you are a part of. There is a lot of support, you can tap into as part of many teams in Longrich. The group support system is awesome. Members of your various teams will be willing and will make themselves available to help you, because the way the Longrich system works, when they help you, they help themselves, as well. it is always a win-win scenario. While they are ready to help, to achieve a scenario sustainable for any reasonable length of time, you must also be willing to contribute your own quota, helping in any way you can, if the need arises. Even when there are no clear identifiable need, you must look out for and be willing to plug any hole or defect you see, even if your assistance is not sought. Cultivate a giving spirit and you’ll attract the same. Team members will easily go out of their way to help you, if you are known to be a giver.

As good as the group support system is, to grow your Longrich business effectively, you must also take ownership for your own team as well. It is your responsibility and your Longrich business depends on it. Your team begins with you, your 3 direct referrals and everyone placed under them. Your team is you. It defines your progress, advancement and your rewards in Longrich. The more you develop your team, the higher and faster you rise and the bigger will be the size of your bonuses and incentives.

Developing your team means having a positive motivating vision for the team. As the team leader, it is your responsibility to define this vision and communicate it as clear as possible to every member of your team. Pursue this vision with all your passion. Developing your team also means the responsibility for naming and branding the team falls on you. Yes, it is a business, why won’t you brand it?

You must also teach, teach and teach. Pass on every knowledge and strategies you have to as many members of your team as possible. And these knowledge and strategies must clearly lead to achieving your vision for the team. You must duplicate yourself in as many members of the team as possible. A knowledgeable team is an achieving team. In particular, you must also develop and communicate your team’s shared values, those ethos and philosophies that mark out (or ought to mark out) members of your team among the universe of Longrich partners, and ultimately also lead to the attainment of your team’s overall vision.

Now a word of caution, as a leader of the team, you cannot afford an autocratic style; you must lead and direct not boss your members around. Don’t forget each of your members are owners of their businesses and leaders of their teams, as well; you must persuade and advice, not issue orders and commands. This way, you will get the cooperation of your team members leading to the achievement of your team objectives and vision.

Finally, don’t forget, the group support is always available for you. Leverage on it. Together, each achieves more.

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